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Design for products

Design that understands your product's life cycle, use and applications

Coda's plastic product design team will always work hard to understand the design for your plastic product, it's life cycle, use and applications, the key is to understand the design intent.

Through this approach Coda have been able on many occasions to propose alternate designs that saved customers time and cost through innovative and creative solutions, and have secured Coda and it's customers some prestigious design awards on the way.

Plastic packaging product design

Providing protection of your plastic packaging product design

A key factor to consider right from the start is protection of any intellectual property that may be inherent in the design or elements of the plastic packaging product or processes that may be developed from it, this can take the form of design registration, patent or trademark protection.

Coda works closely with its registered patent attorneys to ensure that during the entire design process we can ensure that your IP is managed and protected, confidentiality is maintained at all times to protect the value in the design and IP.

Developing your product or packaging design

Developing your product or packaging design

Coda save you both time and money in developing your product or packaging design avoiding costly dead end development, the virtual world in which our products are designed allows us to accurately simulate products with finite element analysis simulations of the physical world, these simulations include static or dynamic mechanical/physical interactions, stress, strain, deformation, flow, thermal and in the case of plastic parts realistic simulations of the injection moulding of the parts.

Design for industrial products

Design for industrial products

Use our expertise to develop the design for your industrial products successfully.

Design for injection moulding

Design for injection moulding

We ensure the best possible cycle time and output is achieved on your injection mould.

Product development

Product development

Comprehensive product development detailing all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Packaging designs

Packaging design

Packaging design with look and feel given equal importance to its functionality for manufacture.

Our design team work hard to understand your product

Using the latest technology available, our design team will work hard to understand your product design requirements. Our design team use their capabilities, expertise and experience to ensure you are given the right design for the job. Our design team will demonstrate all aspects of how your product design will work using small 3D model files video's or animations, which the customer can open from email and comment on straight from his PC to make the process of designing your product with Coda as easy as possible.

Contact Coda Plastic's product and packaging designers

Our product and packaging designers understand that at the design stage of a product there is a requirement to present the new packaging design to your board, marketing department or customer, the virtual design process allows our designers to provide you with high quality photorealistic renders and images of your product in realistic environments, branded, coloured and labelled, invaluable in presenting product designs for marketing or end customers, nothing sells the design better than a sharp beautifully rendered image of your product or range of products.