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We use the latest 3D CAD and Moldflow® simulation software to test multiple design iterations with full analysis of product performance. Testing multiple product designs in the virtual world gives our team the freedom to research innovative ideas and assist clients in the development of creative concepts before moving on to prototyping. We always give equal thought to the form and function of packaging; creative designs must also be practical for tooling and manufacture. Our packaging designs will meet your aesthetic specifications and remain within budget.

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Plastic Product Designers

Product Designers

Helping You Achieve an Innovative and Creative Design

The key to a successful outcome is to understand the life cycle, uses and applications of your product. Our design team can recommend innovative and cost-effective ways of achieving your goals – helping you save time and money, whilst considering the environmental impact.

Product Designers

Avoid the Delays Caused by Dead End Development

Dead end development leads to delays and unexpected costs. We use the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software to accurately simulate how the product will perform in the real world. Any changes needed to remove design flaws can be made before we start production.

Product Designers

Protecting the Design of Your Plastic Packaging Product

Protecting your intellectual property is paramount. We work with registered patent attorneys who will ensure that you have the correct design registrations, patents and trademark protection in place. Download our NDA and get in touch

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