Bulldog Shower Gel Bottles - Now Made with 100% PCR

Bulldog shower gel bottles

Bulldog started as a shaving brand that challenged preconceived notions that skincare was something that men didn’t care about. They soon branched out into other areas of grooming, bodycare and haircare - with ranges of moisturisers, shampoos and shower gels that put high quality ingredients and sustainability at the centre of their product marketing.

They approached us with two proposals. Could we match their previous supplier’s bottle shape and colour - but manufacture with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics? And could we design and manufacture a new 300ml bottle size also from 100% PCR?

The answer to both these questions was an emphatic: Yes!

shower gel production line

For the 500ml, we replicated the previous supplier’s bottle shape volume and colour in PET plastic - reducing the weight of plastic end product from 36g to 34g in line with client’s instructions that the bottle should be lightweight. This represents a weight reduction of 2.4kg per pallet of bottles, which further reduces the environmental impact of the supply chain with lighter loads causing less emissions per truck load.

For the new 300ml bottle, we designed and manufactured a scaled down version of the existing larger bottle - weighing in at 23g.

Both designs fit the existing 28-410 fliptop cap lid. Both bottles are manufactured from 100% PCR. the bottles are strong yet lightweight and sustainable in line with the Bulldog brand identity.

These changes came in ahead of the new plastic packaging tax that is due to take effect from April 2022. Read more about that on our Plastic Tax FAQs blog post from last summer.

Coda Plastics is able to develop PCR and sustainable options for both new and existing customers. This has been an area of expertise of ours for many years so we are ahead of other companies scrambling to incorporate PCR ahead of the proposed tax.

We can provide cost comparisons to help you to decide how to adapt to the new legislation and we can supply samples of products using various percentage points of PCR. Whether you’re a current customer or a brand looking for a trusted UK manufacturer to guide you through the changes, we can help - contact our sales team on +44 1692 501020 or email sales@coda-plastics.co.uk

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