Crash Box: Filled Syringe Protection

crash box

Our client, a leading international speciality pharmaceutical company providing essential medicines to more than 20 countries, approached us to take over the manufacture of their emergency crash boxes – a device used to hold and protect glass syringes filled with various vital medicines.

The syringes are used for a diverse range of emergency treatments, from adrenaline to the world’s first take-home product for the treatment of opioid overdose by a non-healthcare professional. Used by drug and alcohol teams across the UK, the boxes that protect medical syringes make a significant positive difference to people affected by addiction.

We make the double hinged boxes from polypropylene, so that they can be twisted open quickly to aid fast response paramedics administering the drug. We have to guarantee the boxes are produced in the correct colour and have the correct legal text on them to ensure the contents match the packaging. We use a text recognition vision system on the production line to ensure the print is correct, maintaining the most rigorous standards.

The previous supplier of these boxes was failing to supply the boxes in time and to the correct quality, which was a major issue for the client. When they came to us we were able to supply the finished boxes within 6 weeks of initial contact, and have been continuing to ensure there is no shortage of supply to the client’s market.

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