Injection Moulding: What Are The Benefits?

At Coda Plastics we use injection moulding as the primary way of making most of our products. The process involves injecting the material into a mould of the product at high pressure while under heat. The material will then set based on the shape of the mould, producing the product to a high standard and level of accuracy. Injection moulding is a commonly used process for making many mass-produced products, particularly plastics, and we recommend it for the many advantages it has over other types of manufacture, including the following:
  • Finished Quality: There is often very little that needs to be done to an injection moulded product after it has been made. They are produced to a great quality and can be released as they are made with almost no alterations.
  • Fully Automated: The process of injection moulding can be done purely by machinery. This reduces costs and helps to ease production flow. It also reduces the risk of error and differences between each unit produced.
  • Little Waste: There is little waste made from the process which makes it an en efficient and environmentally-friendly process. Any unused or waste material made from the process can also be gathered and reused.
  • High Production Rate: It can vary depending on the size of the product and its complexity, but a great number of the product can be produced every hour of the process, typically 1 unit every 10-30 seconds.
By utilising this manufacturing process, we are able to produce products quickly and at a great price. All our materials are highly available and recyclable for increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. To get in touch with us regarding any plastic products you may require or answer any other queries you may have contact us at +44(0) 1692 501020 or send an email to Coda Plastic Factory
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