Hessiclip: Keeping Construction Sites Safer

Followers of our blog will know that one of the products that we are most proud of and are always excited to say we helped to make is the Hessiclip. The Hessiclip is a simple idea that, utilising our expertise in plastics, has helped protect those working on building sites from falling masonry. The Hessiclip is designed and made in the UK, something we are very happy about, but is also used in building sites around the world too due to their overwhelming success and efficiency. Hessian sheets are used in building sites for, among other things, covering brickwork as it dries. Unfortunately they can be easily blown away by the wind so to stop this from happening bricks and other heavy items were placed on top of the sheets to weigh them down. Straight away you can see why this was potentially a hazardous situation as builders and site visitors may have been at risk from falling objects. Thankfully, it came to the attention of the designers of Hessiclip who created their product to solve that exact problem. Hessiclip is a great affordable product, their risk-reducing capabilities alone make them worthwhile but their UK-based manufacture makes them low-cost too. Their unique, easy-to-use design allows them to be versatile, reusable and recyclable. We used our expertise with plastics to ensure the products are made to the highest quality standards and can vouch for the products strength, weight and durability. We always enjoy working with companies with innovative ideas that can truly benefit others and look forward to assisting other clients in the future. Hessiclip
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