Rapid tooling models for packaging testing

To help develop your product for sales launches and packaging testing, Coda Plastics carry out rapid tooling in order to begin low volume manufacturing. Rapid tooling uses aluminium or soft steel manufactured full mould tools to produce low volume, production quality products in a standard injection moulding machine, allowing us to create a pre production product which can be adjusted to ensure a high quality finish, before eventually being signed off and used as a pilot part for product launch. During pre production of the Bin Buddy design we used single cavity tooling in order to produce full quality parts for the client, who then used these to carry out product testing. During this testing process the plastic cap and plastic container were tested for fit to ensure that the cap could not be easily removed as outlined during the development phase. Contact us on +44 (0)1692 501020 or visit the rapid prototyping section of our website if you require a pre production model for packaging testing or for use in product launches. Click here to return to the blog summary Stage 1: Packaging design brief Stage 2: Packaging concept Stage 3: Innovative packaging design Stage 4: 3D prototyping as part of packaging development Stage 5: Developing a custom plastic container Stage 6: Rapid tooling models for packaging testing Stage 7: Launching full packaging manufacture phase Stage 8: Bringing new plastic packaging to launch Stage 9: Winners of Packaging Design Awards for the Bin Buddy Rapid tooling models for packaging testing
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