Producing Packaging for Leading Brands in Norfolk

Over the past century the development of air travel and large container ships has made the world a much smaller place. Where once we would have produced many of the products we consume here in the UK, nowadays many are shipped in from all four corners of the globe. However, you may be surprised at just how many the everyday household products you use which continue to have elements of their design manufactured a little closer to home. As a company we have been based at our factory in North Walsham, just outside Norwich, for four decades and in that time have worked with some of the world's leading brands in the development of their product and packaging. We were therefore delighted to welcome Sabah Meddings from the Eastern Daily Press newspaper to the factory this week to give an insight into some of the recognisable brands we help to produce, including St. Tropez, Imperial Leather, Jeyes. St Tropez packaging The interview was conducted with our Co-Owner, Nick Tate and in it he explained the difficulties companies such as Coda Plastics faced during the recession. He said "It was tough through the recession, but the good companies will always come through the difficult times. It is about looking at a better mix of businesses you work with and reducing risk." Having come through those challenging years, as a company we are now expanding. Already this year we have taken on five new members of staff and have turned our attention to focus on apprenticeships and working with start-up companies. "If you develop smaller companies in the early days you are more likely to stay with them when they become bigger projects." Nick Tate added. If you are looking for help developing your plastic product or packaging, be sure to check out our New Product Flow Chart to see if it is a project we can assist you with. Alternatively, you can speak to us by giving us a call on 01692 501020 You can read the full interview by visiting the Eastern Daily Press website. Packaging parts being produced in machine
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