Case Study: Bin Buddy

The concept of the Bin Buddy was developed by Challs Limited and involves the use of an insecticide to kill flies and freshen the smell of a wheelie bin. They contacted us looking for a manufacturer who could work alongside their preferred bottle supplier to design and manufacture a cap/closure that would suit the bottle. Working in a similar way to a salt shaker, with both a 'sprinkle' and 'pour' option, the original design idea was to create a 2 part rotating cap which would allow the user to switch between the two options. Having assessed the design, our team suggested that it should in fact feature a double hinge design, that allowed the user to fully open both sections. Having accepted our suggestion, we were therefore asked to:
  • Design and manufacture a cap and closure to complement the design of the packaging.
  • Ensure that the solution features a double hinge, allowing the user to switch between the 'sprinkle' and 'pour' options.
  • Undertake thorough testing using our in-house moldflow simulation software to ensure that the part could be moulded using one conventional gate.
In the end, the one piece cap design that we suggested saved Challs both the time and additional expense of having to create an additional mould tool. On top of that, having been entered into the 2011 Packaging Awards, the design went on to win the award for best packaging of a new product. If you think Coda Plastics can assist with your next project, do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01692 501020 or drop us an email to Bin Buddy product
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