Preparing for Brexit

Brexit preparations update

Whilst there is still considerable uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit, and the terms of the UK’s withdrawal are unclear, at Coda Plastics we’ve been taking measures to ensure that business will continue uninterrupted. 

Over the course of the year we’ve been working with suppliers and evaluating our processes to minimise any disruption caused by Brexit. We made preparations for an exit in March, we are prepared for October and any further extension that may occur. 

Stock and Supply Chains

As a UK based manufacturer, we are somewhat protected by the delays and disruptions at the border, and with the majority of our sales in in the UK, we will be able to keep deliveries on time. For the small percentage of our sales that are exported to the EU and further afield, we have made contingencies to allow for delays so as to not affect your supply chains.

Whilst we can control deliveries of products we have manufactured, we cannot guarantee the delivery of materials to our facilities. As such, we have been stockpiling resources and carry a contingency supply of 6-8 weeks’ worth of materials running at full capacity. 

If you have any questions about how UK-EU trading may be affected by Brexit, or how your supply chain logistics may change, please get in touch. Call 01692 501020 or email


Whilst every effort is made to mitigate the effects of leaving the European Union, until an agreement is reached by parliament, we cannot guarantee that trading relationships, tariffs, deliveries or stocks won’t be impacted. This statement is intended as a notice to our customers and trading partners of our preparation for Brexit, and is not a legal document. 

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