Improving Sustainability and Increasing Efficiency in Deliveries

Coda Delivery Boxes

We’re continually striving to improve the efficiency of our practices and make our sites as sustainable as possible. A recent initiative has helped us to reduce emissions and improve efficiency by up to 10%.  

Earlier this year we trialled removing plastic liners from all non-food and non-medical packaging deliveries, and the results were an even greater success than we had hoped. We’ve now rolled out the practice across the board, for all non-food and non-medical deliveries. 

Previously each cardboard delivery box was lined with a plastic bag, removing these has increased available space by 5-10% allowing far more products to fit in each box. This simple change has had a great knock on effect, requiring each delivery to need up to 10% less boxes per delivery, meaning we can fit up to 10% more in each truck and reduce the number of delivery trucks being driven, reducing our overall carbon footprints by a huge amount. The liner bags themselves are equivalent to 10 tonnes of plastic per year, now no longer needed. 

Results of removing plastic liner bags from delivery boxes:

  • 5-10% more products fit per box, per pallet
  • Liners equivalent to 10 tonnes of plastic a year
  • Less boxes per delivery results in reduced emissions from trucks

We’re always working to reduce our environmental impact and make plastic products as sustainably as we can. We achieve close to 0% waste in our manufacturing operations, and work closely with our partners and suppliers to reduce the impact of every step of the supply chain. Read more about our sustainability goals here

If you would like your product developed and manufactured by a company with a responsible approach to plastics manufacturing and recycling, get in touch with our sales team today.  

Our factory in East Anglia is equipped to handle orders of all sizes and our full service includes storage and delivery all over the UK and beyond. Call us today on +44 1692 501020 or email

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