Norweigen Food Company and LiquiGlide to Develop Non-Stick Bottles

Have you ever struggled to get that last drop of mayonnaise out of the bottle? This can now be a distant memory for those living in the Nordics, Germany, Benelux and the Baltics. Norwegian food company, Orkla, have collaborated with LiquiGlide Inc. and will be developing non-stick mayonnaise bottles which will reduce food waste and provide a better consumer experience. LiquiGlide LiquiGlide's slippery coating enables products to easily slide from packaging. The customised coating for Orkla's mayonnaise products is made entirely from natural ingredients and is FDA approved. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who were developing a nano coating that was claimed to allow every drop of sauce out of the bottle. It's the first company of its kind to create permanently wet, slippery surfaces. It changes how liquids move, from oil and gas to better packaging for consumer goods and medical equipment, LiquiGlide's technology allows viscous liquids to move easily. Using its patented platform, LiquiGlide can create custom coatings that work and are safe across numerous consumer and industrial applications. To find out how the design works, watch the video below: CEO and co-founder of LiquiGlide, Dave Smith said: "We chose to work with Orkla because they are an innovative and leading consumer goods company in the Nordics and the Baltics. Our exclusive agreement affirms that LiquiGlide's coatings create substantial value for consumers by enabling them to get every last drop. At LiquiGlide, we're changing the way liquids move." The coating uses a low-friction material and if successful, such technology would not only solve one of packaging's biggest frustrations but could help combat food waste. LiquiGlide Logo
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