Innovative Plastic Packaging Designs

Posted on 02/10/2015

There are so many creative ways to package your product. Here are five of our favourites from around the world:

plastic packaging

What better way to butter your bagel than with butter from one of these tubs from Better Butter. The nifty design incorporates a spreader into the lid of the individually packaged portions. Thus allowing the forgetful picnicker easy access to the product inside.   

plastic packaging

One company prepared an idea for Nike Air Max Command that involved packaging the top selling trainer in a plastic bubble pumped full of air. This also protected the iconic shoe when being transported from factory to shoe-shop.

plastic packaging

This one might put you off your lunch, but it does solve a specific problem and that is what good design is all about. If your sandwiches are perpetually being stolen by the school or office bully, put them in this Anti-theft Lunch Bag. Green patches of mould are printed on the plastic making the food inside look unappetising to the potential thief.

plastic packaging

The purveyors of Kiss Fruit and Vegetable Purees have positioned the spout of their pouches so that the drinker looks like they are kissing a colourful cartoon character.

plastic packaging

Chewing gum packaging has changed little in the last century, but the makers of Dino Gum look set to shake things up with their dinosaur head shaped packaging.

If you have a unique idea for how to package your product, we would love to work with you. all us on 01692 501020 and we will be happy to discuss your ideas and let you know how we can assist with the development and manufacturing of your plastic packaging.

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