Case Study: Vintage Car Part

Client: Vintage Supplies

Concept: To create a mould from which a vintage car part could be cast

What We Did: Modelled up the master, increased the size, produced the model using stereolithography.

Vintage Supplies Ltd came to us with a problem they thought our company was best suited to solve... and we love a challenge! Parts for vintage cars can be difficult to track down. The older the car, the more likely it is that the company that originally manufactured it will not be producing parts for models that are considered obsolete in the eyes of all but a few hobbyists. In many cases, the company does not even exist any more. 

In this case, Vintage Supplies Ltd wanted to be able to recreate a brass valve that they could no longer source from the original supplier. Vintage Supplies Ltd wanted to use the experience of our skilled 3D printing technicians to create a mould from which future valves could be cast. 

We were supplied with a master from which we were able to produce a model using our Solidworks CAD system. Then we had to scale up the size slightly to allow for metal shrinkage. We printed the finished mould using our SLA printer. 

The scaling-up was the most important part of the process. The master mould that we were tasked with  producing had to be larger than the original component because this valve had many areas where shrink would be critical. 

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