Hessiclip: Providing Protection from the Wind and Rain

So Christmas is now behind us and many of you will have returned to work. Whilst we may have moved into a new year, the weather outside remains depressingly cold wet and blustery; just today the Met Office have issued severe amber and yellow warnings for parts of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland as 100mph gusts head our way. Now we know that health and safety is an important issue on building and construction sites at any time, but it is particularly crucial when winds can potentially put people's safety at risk. Despite having a legal requirement to ensure the safety of workers, visitors and the general public, to this day we still regularly see bricks precariously balanced atop of unfinished brickwork up and down the country. Whilst this may be common practice for holding hessian sheets in place during the curing process, it can create a risk to the safety of those on site when winds are high. Hessiclip It is times like this when the weather is particularly poor and winds pick up that we are most proud to have been involved in the development and production of the Hessiclip safety product. There are a number of reasons why Hessiclip is a must have item on any construction site:
  • To help reduce risk around your site
  • Low cost to install
  • Can be reused time and again
  • Manufactured here in the UK
  • Easy to use
  • Can be recycled
  • Available around the world
It is amazing to think that such as simple design concept could make a massive difference to the safety of those working on construction sites. Manufacturing for the Construction Industry Hessiclip is just one of many products we have helped to develop specifically for the construction industry. Thanks to our 35 years experience in the industry we have been able to work with many clients to take their initial design concepts, develop innovative and cost effective solutions, before bringing them to full production. If you have a design concept and would like our help and advice bringing it to production, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01692 501020 or drop us an email to sales@coda-plastics.co.uk. Further information about Hessiclip can also be found by visiting www.hessiclip.co.uk. Hessiclip in use on a construction site
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