Coffee Pod Manufacturer: Creating Pods for Nespresso Machines

As a nation we have become addicted to fancy coffees. Go into any coffee chain on the high street and you can take your choice from one of dozens of hot caffeinated drinks and whilst they may be incredibly popular, they are equally incredibly expensive. For that reason coffee machines were one of the most have items over the Christmas period, with people seen literally climbing over one another in stores on Black Friday to get one of the latest models for their home. The manufacturer of one of the most popular machines currently on the market, Nespresso, has recently been at the centre of a court battle with the French competition authorities regarding the use of rival coffee pods in its machines. Having initially launched their machine with a warning that users risked losing their guarantee if they used non-Nespresso coffee pods, they have since been forced to allow other manufacturers to produce Nespresso compatible pods. Cafepod We have been working with one of those manufacturers, Cafepod, for some time now and as a result of the French ruling have assisted them in the design and develop of a new Nespresso compatible pod to be used with their 5 blends that includes:
  • Risteretto
  • Intense
  • Smooth
  • Arabica Lungo
  • Decaffeinated
Fully Recyclable Now one of the biggest concerns people have about the increased popularity of these coffee pods is the waste that is produced and thrown away every time you make yourself a cup of your favourite blend. The benefit of the pods we are developing is that, whilst being manufactured from plastic, they are fully recyclable; as one of the founders of Cafepod, Peter Grainger, explains: “Our plastic pods are recyclable along with all your other household plastic waste, through normal collections. The advantage is that you do not have to ship it specially for recycling.” You can find out more about the Cafepod range by visiting and we look forward to bringing you more information about these new Nespresso compatible pods very soon. Coffee pods and steaming coffee beans
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