Developing Innovative Packaging Solutions for Your Product

The Coca Cola bottle is one of the most iconic pieces of product packaging of our generation. With approximately 1.8 billion bottles of coke sold every day around the world that is an awful lot of plastic; much of which will inevitably end up going into landfill. In order to reduce the number of bottles we throw away, Coca Cola have teamed up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather China to produce what has been branded their “2nd Lives” campaign. The campaign, launched in Vietnam, has led to the development of 16 red screw-on caps that can be used to transform empty coke bottles into something creative and useful. 40,000 of the free caps have been distributed, allowing people to turn their empty bottle into everything from lamps and paintbrushes, to spray bottles, pencil sharpeners and soap dispensers. At Coda Plastics we have been working with our clients for over 35 years, designing and developing innovative packaging solutions that help to give their products excellent shelf presence. On many occasions our team have been able to take a client’s original concept and transform it, producing a far more cost effective and innovative design that meets all of their functional requirements. If you want your product to stand out from the crowd, why not see how we can assist in the development of its packaging? Get in touch on +44(0) 1692 501020 or for a chat. Watch the video below to see all of the screw on caps in action.
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