Café Pod Serving up Free Coffee at Wimbledon

Coda Plastics is one of Europe’s leading Nespresso compatible pod manufacturers and have worked hard to design and develop an innovative pod solution. If you are looking for a manufacturer to produce your coffee pods, get in touch with us. You can either call +44(0) 1692 501020 or email Source: The Telegraph (June 2014) As we mentioned last week, the makers of Café Pod, Nespresso, have recently reached an agreement that will see the guarantee on their coffee machines extended to cover pods manufactured by other companies. Thirsty fans have fortunately been able to turn to Café Pod, who took to their Twitter account to let supporters know they would be handing out free cups of coffee throughout the two week tournament.
It would appear Café Pod is riding to the rescue of tennis goers at Wimbledon this summer after the All England Club banned supporters from bringing flasks of tea and coffee into the tournament. The move has come after organisers of event banned the flasks in response to terrorism fears following the Boston Marathon bombings. Cafe Pod capsules
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