Decades of Experience in the Personal Care Sector

Carex and Charles Worthington Packaging Made by Coda

We’re well known for producing many of the nation’s favourite personal care packaging. Take a look in your bathroom and chances are, we will have made the bottle, cap or closure for at least one of your soaps, shampoos, hair products or shower gels. 

Our experience in the health and beauty care packaging industry is second to none, our Norfolk based factories have been designing and manufacturing for global brands for decades. We are very proud to say that we have been working with PZ Cussons for over thirty years, supplying closures for all of their major brands in the personal care and beauty sectors, including Original Source, Carex, Sanctuary Spa, St Tropez and Charles Worthington.

Imperial Leather Shower Gel Packaging Made by Coda

Adapting to market trends and consumer interests, we have been helping the PZ Cussons brands to lead the way with stylish, easy to use and environmentally responsible packaging. Improving and refreshing the design to suit consumer and brand goals over the years, means that we are now producing the 8th generation of packaging for the Imperial Leather ranges of bath and shower products. The size, shape and look of the bottles and caps have changed dramatically over the years, each iteration fully tested with prototype tooling to ensure perfect compatibility with the clients filling lines so that the production line from packaging to filling to labelling to stores is seamless. 

Last year we worked with PZ Cussons on the rebrand of Original Source. Their well-known triangular bottles had been in use for several years, whilst the labelling had changed over the years, the shape and design of the bottles and caps had become a familiar to consumers. Moving in a new direction to ensure the packaging used less materials and was fully recyclable, the new design of the Original Source packaging reaffirms the brands bold, ethical credentials. Made of PP plastic, the packaging is easily recyclable and the simple shape is modern and sleek. 

Original Source Packaging Manufactured by Coda

Are you looking for a reliable, trusted manufacturer who can help you develop your packaging? Designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly recycled plastic packaging, reducing the weight of your product and designing to optimise shipping and shelf space, we can ensure your toiletries products’ packaging aligns with your customers’ and your CSR goals. 

We can help you save on lead times, costs and reduce your carbon footprint by minimising transport and shipping, as well as providing the highest quality services from our AA Grade BRC Rated facilities in Norfolk. 

Whether you have a tool ready to use or your product is still in the concept stage, get in touch with our sales team to see how we can help you. Our factory in East Anglia is equipped to handle orders of all sizes and our full service includes storage and delivery all over the UK and beyond. Call us today on +44 1692 501020 or email

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