Before Manufacture: How Coda can Help You with Product Design and Intellectual Property

Coda Plastics Ltd is a plastics manufacturing company, but we offer so much more than a plant to manufacture your product. Two ways that we can help you out with before we start manufacturing your product are in the areas of Product Design and Intellectual Property.

Product Design

Coda Pill packets

When you come to us with your idea, our product design team will work with you to establish the intention behind your idea. This breaks down into three factors:

  1. The life-cycle of your product
  2. The purpose of your product
  3. How your product will be applied by its intended user

With these ideas firmly fixed, our design team can work with you to produce a working model or a fully functional prototype. From there, we can move into full manufacture of your product line and its packaging. Before your product hits the shelves, however, you should consider your intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property

Patent files

An original idea is valuable. It is essential that you protect your intellectual property. This complex legal process is one that must be negotiated if you want to stop other companies from using your idea. We have years of experience working with registered patent attorneys who can make sure that your intellectual property rights are fully protected. There are three levels of protection:

  1. Design Registration. This protects the look of your product and gives some protection if another company starts copying your design.
  2. Patent Registration. If you have invented an entirely new product then you should get a patent to protect you from anyone that might want to use your idea. This is an expensive process and not appropriate for everybody - for instance you should not apply for a patent if your product is a modification of someone else’s idea. 
  3. Trademark Protection. Applying for a trademark protects your brand. The name of your product cannot then be used by other manufacturers.

At Coda Plastics Ltd, our aim is to reduce the anxiety of product development. We will make sure that your design is the best it can be and that your intellectual property rights are secure. If you have any questions, then our team of experts are available to help at any time. If you would like to talk to our design team, send us an email to or call us on +44 1692 501020 to arrange an appointment.

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