A Look to the Future: Emerging Packaging Design Trends

The first interaction that a customer has with your product is with its packaging. You want your packaging to have a good design so that the customer will be attracted to your product, easily find out everything they need to know about it, and make a purchase. All aspects of design follow trends and packaging is no exception. Let’s take a look at the emerging packaging design trends that we think will be big in 2017.

Carex hand soaps

Less is More

Minimalism is back. People are ever more conscious of waste and they want clearly branded packaging that provides adequate protection for a product and relevant information about it. Showy multi-wrapped products that sit inside layers of packaging are increasingly likely to be left on the shelf.

Simple Geometry

When it comes to graphic design, the new minimalism is also making its presence felt. The simplest Euclidian shapes in a repeated pattern and a limited colour palette have been an emerging trend in 2016. Expect to see more of these geometric patterns in the coming year. 

Cut Back the Chat

Finally, it looks like the trend for chatty copywriting - the kind pioneered by Innocent Smoothies - is starting to subside. The modern consumer responds better to informative copy with clear content labelling, and simply doesn’t have the time to stop and read a carton of orange juice.  

Worthy of Display

Time was when many products lived under the kitchen sink or hidden away in a bathroom cabinet. That may still be the case for the big bottle of bleach and the tube of verruca cream, but people are starting to leave certain prestige products out on the sideboard and shelf. Scented liquid soaps and moisturising creams are a common sight beside sinks in modern bathrooms. Exotic oils and vinegars have migrated out of cupboards and onto the kitchen work surface. Make the bottle or jar that contains your product worthy of display and you’ll get free advertising in someone’s home.

2017 is set to be full of sleek, simple, attractive packaging. Are you ready to meet the trends? At Coda Plastics Ltd, we have a long history of packaging manufacture. We can produce plastic packaging for any product you bring us. The techniques we use include injection moulding and blow moulding, which give you a huge scope for adjusting the size and shape of your packaging. Call us on 01692 501020 and we will discuss your ideas.

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