Packaging concept

Posted on 6th August 2012

Coda Plastics aim to avoid dead end development by working hard to understand the packaging concept, life cycle and use of the new plastic product and by doing this it has meant on many occasions we have been able to suggest alternative, more innovative designs, which have not only won us some prestigious packaging design awards, but also saved our clients time and money.

Having reviewed the initial packaging design brief for Bin Buddy and by building an understanding of the products requirements, our design team were able to create a concept whereby we were able to reduce tool and part costs on the product by producing a one piece- two hinge cap design, instead of using a traditional two piece twist cap.

If you would like our design team to help develop your new plastic packaging product and potentially save time and money bringing it to market, please visit the plastic product design section of our website to find out how we can help with your packaging concept.

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Stage 1: Packaging design brief
Stage 2: Packaging concept
Stage 3: Innovative packaging design
Stage 4: 3D prototyping as part of packaging development
Stage 5: Developing a custom plastic container
Stage 6: Rapid tooling models for packaging testing
Stage 7: Launching full packaging manufacture phase
Stage 8: Bringing new plastic packaging to launch
Stage 9: Winners of Packaging Design Awards for the Bin Buddy

Packaging concept

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