Packaging design brief

The process for creating a new plastic packaging product begins by holding discussions with the client in order to outline their packaging design brief. It is important for us to establish from the outset the design intent and functional objectives of the new product and we believe that good communication with the client at this stage helps to guarantee a successful product. When we began designing the Bin Buddy product, the brief we received from the client was that they required a unique piece of packaging that would help to drive incremental sales to the retailer. Our designers have a wealth of experience creating original plastic packaging products for customers that match their brief and are delivered within their budget and time frame. Please visit the plastic product design section of our website for more information about how our designers can help you bring your packaging design brief to market, or alternatively contact us on +44 (0)1692 501020 Click here to return to the blog summary Stage 1: Packaging design brief Stage 2: Packaging concept Stage 3: Innovative packaging design Stage 4: 3D prototyping as part of packaging development Stage 5: Developing a custom plastic container Stage 6: Rapid tooling models for packaging testing Stage 7: Launching full packaging manufacture phase Stage 8: Bringing new plastic packaging to launch Stage 9: Winners of Packaging Design Awards for the Bin Buddy Packaging design brief
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