40,000,000 Mouldings a Month and Counting...

Our Norfolk facility is geared up for producing large quantities of orders when necessary. If a client is anticipating a surge in demand, we are more than capable of increasing production to meet their higher order quantity. On average, we put out about 40,000,000 mouldings a month, but we’ve recently expanded our blow moulding capacity – so even that astronomical figure looks set to increase.

Pink plastic bottles in a box

Expanding our Client Base

We are always on the lookout for companies and start-ups that think plastic could be the right material for their product or its packaging. One of the reasons that we recently expanded our blow moulding capacity was to give us the chance to work with start-ups that might have low Minimum Order Quantities, whilst maintaining our commitment to established clients. 

Standard Packaging

In addition to the bespoke work we do for clients, a proportion of the 40,000,000 mouldings that we produce each month are for our standard packaging ranges. A packaging design can have bespoke components and standardised components. For example, designing your bottle so that a standard cap will fit it can save you money on designing a closure from scratch. Our standard packaging items are available in any colour and any quantity that you require. 

Contact Our Development Team

We have an experienced development team who have helped many designers take their concepts from the drawing board to the manufacturing facility. Check out our case studies page for some examples of innovative ideas that we have realised in plastic.

Getting in touch with Coda Plastics Ltd to get the ball rolling on your latest plastic product or packaging concept couldn’t be easier. You can call our office on +44 1692 501020 or you can email any questions you may have to sales@coda-plastics.co.uk.

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