3 Plastic Related Stories that Have Made the News

Plastic waste in the ocean

It’s not often that something as everyday as plastic is considered newsworthy, but occasionally a news story breaks in which plastic plays an important part. Here are three recent plastic related news stories that we thought might interest you.


The New Plastic Ten Pound Note


You may have only just got used to the plastic fiver, but the new plastic tenner is being released in September. Plastic money was controversial to start with, vegans complained about tallow being used in the production of the polymer notes, but people soon got used to it and were pleased to see the back of the tatty paper notes by the end of May when the old fiver ceased to be legal tender. The new tenner looks set to have a controversy of its own: people are complaining that the portrait of Jane Austen on the back has been ‘prettied up’.


Newly evolved Microbes Breaking Down Plastic in the Ocean


Last month’s New Scientist reported the good news that they are finding less plastic in the ocean than they were expecting too. One possible reason for this is that microorganisms may have evolved the capacity to break down plastic. Plastic pollution is a serious problem, but we hope the answer is to reduce the amount that makes its way to the ocean in the first place, not to rely on creatures that have evolved to eat it when it gets there.


The Student who Turns Plastic Bags into Skateboards


An enterprising student at Brunel university has invented a press that turns plastic bags into skateboards. The strong flexible boards make a good substitute for the plywood decks of cheap skateboards. Shredded high density polythene has a melting point around 130℃. The malleable plastic can then be moulded and pressed into shape. It sets hard, but with a flexibility that makes it ideal for the strains of skateboarding.


We take recycling seriously at Coda Plastics Ltd. We recycle much of our own waste plastic and we even take in waste plastic from other manufacturers. We are also passionate about innovation. 

If you have an invention as good as the plastic skateboard, please get in touch. You can call our development team on +44 1692 501020 or email sales@coda-plastics.co.uk


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