3D prototyping as part of packaging development

Using our considerable experience as a prototyping management company, we are able to ensure that the 3D prototype we provide you with will meet your requirements at the first time of asking, without the need for re-modelling or CAD data modification which can often add extra expense onto the cost of your packaging development. Having received approval for the Bin Buddy design we were able to produce SLA models for the client to carry out product testing. The prototype allowed for testing of various elements of the model including the fit between the cap and the container. By ensuring the holes in the cap were adjustable it was also possible to carry out a sprinkle test. Following the SLA stage a further set of vacuum cast models were supplied to client in the colours of the proposed production caps and these were used to present to our clients and customers to begin the process of securing pre production orders. If you would like more information about our 3D prototyping services in order to advance your packaging development, visit the rapid prototyping section our website or contact us on +44 (0)1692 501020. Click here to return to the blog summary Stage 1: Packaging design brief Stage 2: Packaging concept Stage 3: Innovative packaging design Stage 4: 3D prototyping as part of packaging development Stage 5: Developing a custom plastic container Stage 6: Rapid tooling models for packaging testing Stage 7: Launching full packaging manufacture phase Stage 8: Bringing new plastic packaging to launch Stage 9: Winners of Packaging Design Awards for the Bin Buddy 3D prototyping as part of packaging development
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