What is the Future of the Plastics Industry?

Oil is a valuable resource, but it is limited. Innovative thinkers are looking to the future, creating exciting new solutions that we can use as an alternative to oil. Already, we are seeing great strides being made in the plastics industry, as individuals and companies work to protect the environment and make plastic greener.

Bioplastics: Growing Our Own Plastic

One option for the plastics industry is to grow our own resources. 'Bioplastics' can be manufactured from biological sources such as vegetable oils or corn starch. Genetically modifying suitable plants so that they can be grown on rocky or high-altitude land is one possible solution that wouldn't take up agricultural land. Recent research on manufacturing bioplastics from agricultural waste products may provide another solution.

Future of the Plastic Industry

The Circular Economy: Recycling Plastic

Annual production of plastics currently stands at 78 million tonnes, but only 14% is recycled. Just over a million tonnes of plastic recycled into plastic of the same or similar quality application. It is this closed-loop recycling that needs to see a massive increase if the plastics industry is to thrive in the future. At Coda Plastics, we're staying at the forefront of the plastics industry by adopting this approach, recycling used PET bottles into new ones.

What We Do

At Coda Plastics, we strive to be as ecological a company as possible. We recycle our own waste and we also take in plastic waste from other companies to use as a raw material in our own manufacturing processes. We see plastic as a versatile and useful product that shouldn't be thrown away.

If you have an idea that you think could be realised in plastic by an ecologically-minded company using our blow-moulding or injection moulding, then get in touch. You can email us at sales@coda-plastics.co.uk or call us on +44 1692 501020.

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