Watch: Charles Worthington Disk Top Assembly

Charles Worthington manufacture high quality hair products. Their celebrity stylist Ken O'Rourke has used their products when styling the hair of A-listers such as Olivia Wilde and Rita Ora. Knowing that celebrities were going to be having their hair treated with these products, Charles Worthington came to us to manufacture the disk tops for their hair care product tubes. They knew that our state of the art machinery and dedication to perfection would result in A-list packaging for their A-list customers.

Not everybody gets the chance to see inside a plastics factory robotic production line, so we've made a short video of the Charles Worthington disk top assembly process to share with you. The hypnotic process of the machinery in action is fascinating to watch and we've even added a soundtrack by German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk.


Our automated systems may look like they run themselves, but actually it takes a great deal of expertise to set up the machines and ensure they run smoothly.

Of course, this is the final step in the process. At Coda Plastics, we go through several stages of product development before we manufacture the finished product, ensuring that you're getting a high-quality product that works for you.

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