The Top Packaging Trends for 2018

Plastic food packaging in a supermarket

With frequent headlines concerning plastics and recycling, changing public attitudes and the unstoppable growth of online shopping – now is an exciting time for the packaging industry. We’ve rounded up the top forecasts for what the year has to bring to help your company be on trend in 2018. 

Innovative Packaging

Innovative packaging that ensures safe delivery, extends food freshness and protects the product is something the industry strives to achieve – and that message needs to reach the consumer. On label communications need to tell the consumer why the item is packaged and how the packaging is innovative – this is set to be a big trend this year as the benefits of packaging are often overshadowed by the need for recycling. 

Clean and Green

The ubiquity of recycled and recyclable materials, rising public interest in recycling and changing laws means that it is unthinkable to be producing items that can’t be recycled without good reason. Packaging needs to clearly communicate to consumers its green credentials and show that a brand is working towards the circular economy. Whilst labelling needs to espouse its eco-factor, there’s only so much information that can be handled. ‘Clean’ labels are also set to be popular this year, as brands reject approaches that offer too much information and leave shoppers feeling more confused than informed. 

Bold and Bright

Packaging is set to be more simplistic this year, with a focus on bold, natural shapes, bright colours and graphic text. Bold labels and transparent labels look to be a big trend across all markets while contemporary approaches towards typography and colourful gradients will see a fun twist on minimalism for food and drink markets.

The Online/Offline Experience

As online shopping is ever more popular, packaging needs to be designed to protect the product out for delivery as well as deliver a pleasant unboxing experience.  The experience needs to match consumer expectations as well as remaining on brand.

Do you want to make your product cleaner and greener?  We can help you create a product that fulfils your sustainability targets without compromising on style, structure or strength. Work with our design team or choose from our standard packaging range of products which are made from easily recyclable plastics: PP, HDPE and PET.  We recycle all of our waste plastic and we even take in waste plastic from other factories and use it in our products.

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