The many benefits of using plastic in construction

We live in a time when people are continually looking for versatile and cost effective alternatives to traditional building materials such as wood, concrete and metals. It is no surprise therefore that after packaging, construction has become the second largest market for plastics with around 25% of all the plastics consumed in the UK going to this sector. "In the future there will be few construction needs that plastics and advanced resins cannot meet" – Professor Jan Brouwer (1992) Below is just a selection of the many benefits offered by using plastics within construction projects: Strength: The durability of plastics means they offer excellent weatherability and will not rot or corrode. Design: With a limitless range of shapes possible and the ability to produce products in an extensive choice of colours and styles, anything is possible! Lightweight: Plastic is easy to transport, handle and fit into place, resulting in fewer accidents. With this in mind we have some exciting news to bring you in the coming weeks with regards to a plastic product we have designed, developed, prototyped and look forward to manufacturing in the coming months. Keep your eyes on our blog and social media for more information in the coming weeks! Culvert piping
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