Survey Reveals The Public's Support With Recycled Content in Plastic Bottles

The UK uses over 5 million tonnes of plastic each year and is one of the most popular and useful materials of modern times. An estimated 24% is currently being recovered or recycled and 94% of all UK local authorities now offer collection facilities for plastic bottles either through household recycling collection or at recycling centres. As households have the resources to recycle plastic packaging then manufacturers should be able to incorporate the use of this recycled plastic into what they produce, such as plastic bottles. The Resource Association, the trade association for the reprocessing and recycling industries have released a recent survey on the public's opinion, showing the public's clear support for the use of recycled content in plastic bottles and legislation to require manufacturers to use recycled content. An online survey of over 2,000 people across the UK found that 68% of adults supported an increase in the price of a two pint plastic milk bottle by 0.1p in order to ensure that bottles were made from at least 30% recycled material as well as being recycled after use. In the same survey, 71% of adults would support the government introducing legislation to require manufacturers and producers using a minimum amount of recycled content in products with plastic packaging. Ray Georgeson, Chief Executive of the Resource Association said: "The great British public 'gets' recycling, and is sending a clear signal to industry and retailers alike, they support the UK plastics recycling industry and would support the fractional additional cost of 0.1p on a two pint plastic milk bottle that it will take to sustain reprocessing of recycled plastic milk bottles in the UK. Interestingly, the public also support the idea of legislating to ensure that recycled content is use in plastic recycling." What is The Resource Association? The Resource Association is a new professional advocacy body for the reprocessing and recycling industries. Their mission is to support the development of a sustainable and healthy industry by providing a voice, forum and leadership for the materials reprocessing and recycling industries. They want to see a resource-efficient materials economy that realises value, prizes and quality as well as seeking to maintain the integrity of the secondary materials that are still too commonly treated as waste. As a plastic packaging manufacturer who works in the food industry, we are delighted with this recent public survey. With the support from the public, plastic manufacturing can thrive as well as maintain an environmentally friendly ethic. If you have a prototype or packaging idea and you're seeking advice, call us on 01692 501020 and we'll be happy to help. Plastic Bottles
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