Safe Hands: Our Non-disclosure Policy

It is only natural that you should be extremely protective of your idea. A whisper in the wrong ear and your totally original plan becomes someone else’s product on the shelf. You don’t have to worry when you discuss your idea with our product development team. Our staff have signed non-disclosure agreements, ensuring that your idea will not stray into the hands of a rival company. With Coda Plastics Ltd, your idea is in safe hands.

A hand drawing a non disclosure agreement

In-House: Protection for your Product Design

Whatever stage your design is at, it is essential that your idea has the proper protection. This starts in-house with our non-disclosure agreement. With this in place, you will feel safe to discuss your idea with our product development team. They will take your product or packaging idea from preliminary sketches through to prototyping and virtual testing and finally on to manufacture.

Out in the World: Protection your Intellectual Property

Once we pass the prototyping stage and you want to start selling your idea and gaining orders for your product, it is vital that you have the correct intellectual property protection. We have close connections with registered patent attorneys that will furnish you with what you need in the way of design registration, patents and trademark protection. Check out our recent blog for more information on your intellectual property rights.

The early stages of product development can be an anxious time. That’s why at Coda Plastics Ltd we have an expert team in place to guide you through each stage and make sure that your intellectual property rights are protected. If you would like any further information, get in touch: send us an email to or call us on +44 1692 501020 to arrange an appointment.

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