Revamping Packaging Design for Imperial Leather

Companies revamp product packaging for a number of reasons. Some use it as an opportunity to appeal to new target markets; while others like to update the look of a mature product. An example of a brand that has successfully revamped their packaging with consistent and recognisable branding is Tetley, who until recently had a number of difference packaging designs depending on which part of the world you lived in. There are however many examples of revamps that have been less successful. In 2009 Cadburys were forced to go back to their traditional tin after customers hated their trial of a cartonboard box. Tropicana also faced the backlash of its customers after changing the main image on their packaging in the US from an orange with a straw sticking out of it, to a glass of orange juice. On both occasions the revamp failed because customers rejected dramatic change. Neil Campbell, President of Tropicana in North America said the company had: “underestimated the deep emotional bond that customers had with the packaging.” Coda Plastics have recently been working with Imperial Leather on the launch of their newly revamped packaging. Over recent months we have assisted their team with the design, development, prototyping and manufacturing of a new bottle shape and accompanying cap. With 35 years’ experience and expertise this is an example of how we can help you to refresh your packaging without losing what makes your brand recognisable to your customers. If you would like to speak to us about developing packaging for your new product, or to refresh your existing packaging, do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on +44(0) 1692 501020 or drop us an email to New Imperial Leather packaging
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