Reducing Waste and Costs with Injection Moulding

Injection moulding manufacturing

Injection moulding is a popular and versatile process for manufacturing packaging and products due to its ability to mass produce identical products at consistent quality and speed. Perfect for high volume parts and suitable for multi-material and multi-colour items, the flexibility and speed of production is also low cost and low waste. 

Reduce Costs

A high-quality mould tool allows for a part to mass produced thousands of times, with reliable results and the cost per unit reducing as more parts are made. Our mould tools come with a three-year guarantee, with unlimited use – promising consistent products of the highest standard. 

Zero Waste

As only the necessary materials are fed into the mould, plastic injection moulding results in minimal waste and that small amount of excess plastic is melted and reused – resulting in zero wasted plastic materials, and reduced costs too!  

Injection moulding allows for fully recycled materials to be used, making it the ideal process for keeping the carbon footprint of your product as low as possible. 

Whether you have a tool ready to use or your product is still in the concept stage, get in touch with our sales team to see how we can help you. 

Our factory in East Anglia is equipped to handle orders of all sizes and our full service includes storage and delivery all over the UK and beyond. 

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