Providing a Responsible Plastics Service

recycling plastic bottles

As a plastics manufacturer, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. Working with our clients to develop products that are functional, robust and well-designed are our primary objectives whilst also providing as green a service as possible. 


We pride ourselves on being a responsible user of plastic and we recycle all of our own plastic waste. We also buy in other companies’ waste to be recycled! Limiting our reliance on landfill is a top priority, the UK uses more than 5 million tonnes of plastic each year – of which only 29% is being recycled. Plastic is a fantastic material and its application is omnipresent, but oil isn’t an infinite resource – encouraging recycling therefore is utterly paramount to our industry’s future. 

Economic Sense

Nearly all types of plastic can be recycled, and it takes 75% less energy to make a bottle from recycled plastic than raw materials. Single-use plastics are a hot topic. Water bottles especially are often in the public eye as a symbol of our throwaway culture. Companies using our services can say that they have employed a manufacturer with green credentials. This information will aid Corporate Social Responsibility goals and can be used in shrewd marketing campaigns. 

Public appetite for simplified packaging that is recycled or recyclable has grown hugely in recent years. Of course, not all packaging can be made from recycled materials: certain food and medical items rightly have strict regulation, but making it clear to consumers that your product can be recycled is a big selling point. Multiple studies have shown that customers react strongly to brands that show they are sustainable, eco-friendly and have local supply chains. Displaying your credentials prominently on your packaging, especially items that are often disposed of incorrectly – such as cleaning and medicine products – shows a commitment to the consumer. Using recycled materials or offering an alternative product, such as a reusable drinks bottle or refillable carton is increasingly popular and we see this as a big area in the coming years.

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