Plastics: Improving Safety on Construction Sites

  • The construction industry accounts for 5% of the workforce in the UK.
  • 6% of all reported workplace injuries come from those working in the construction industry.
  • 5% of all over seven day injuries occur in the construction industry.
  • 10% of all major injuries in the workplace occur in the construction industry.
  • 27% of all workplace fatalities occur in the construction industry.
The article included statistics from the Health and Safety Executive that support the need for new safety measures to be introduced. Of the 401 sites inspected by the HSE in a round of unannounced visits between February and April 2013, 93 sites were considered so dangerous that they were immediately shut down - that's almost 25% of the sites inspected. An expert quoted in the article described construction sites as little more than a 'ticking time bomb', having seen the death rate amongst builders in London double. Some of the other shocking statistics to come out of the article include: Whilst browsing the internet this morning our attention was grabbed by an article from The Mirror newspaper with the headline “Are Building Sites Too Dangerous?” You might ask why, as a business in the plastic manufacturing industry, this headline would stand out to us. Well in recent months we have worked with a number of clients who operate in the construction industry; many of whom have come to us with design concepts aimed at improving safety on construction sites. As we mentioned, over the last twelve months we have worked on a number of projects to assist clients in the design and development of safety products for use on construction sites. Below are two examples of projects we have been involved in. Hessiclip The Hessiclip, designed and developed in the UK, is an industry first product that aims to minimise the risk of injury caused by falling masonry on building sites. Where previously bricks and blocks would have been balanced precariously on top of hessian sheets during the curing process, now highly visible, lightweight and recyclable clips do the same job; thus removing the risk of injury to those working below. Wisablock Warren Green and Ian Martin are both site managers and came to us with a design concept that aimed to reduce the risk of impalement and eradicate injuries caused by reinforced steel starter bars. In the past a considerable amount of time was spent installing plastic mushrooms to protect workers; though a light gust of wind was often all it took to displace them and for workers safety to be put at risk. Working with Warren and Ian, our team were able to take their original concept and help them develop it into something that truly makes construction safer. Our team have considerable experience designing and developing plastic products for the construction industry. If you would like to find out how we can help you bring your idea to market, do not hesitate to get in touch. Safety products for construction sites
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