Plastic Toys in the Top Ten Kids Christmas Gift List

The top toy shops - Hamleys of London, Argos and Toys R Us - have all released their lists of the top-selling toys in the buildup to Christmas 2016. As we have come to expect, plastic toys dominate the lists. Let’s take a look at three of the toys that will be delighting children on Christmas day this year and examine the reasons why plastic is the perfect material for manufacturing toys.

Creative: Lego Star Wars

When the behemoth of the toy industry teamed up with one of the most popular ever movie franchises, the result was Lego Star Wars. Nearly 300 Star Wars themed sets have been produced since the theme was licensed in 1999. Star Wars fans young and old can recreate their favourite spaceships and rebel bases from the fantasy series. The Krennics Imperial Shuttle 75156 is (metaphorically) flying off the shelves.

Star Wars lego

Active: NERF Guns

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The very first NERF product was a sphere of polyurethane that they marketed as an indoor ball that wouldn’t break lamps, windows, babies or old people. They later diversified into foam dart blasters and this year sees the release of NERF Mega-Mastodon - a £90 motorised toy gun with 24 foam darts that still operates on the principle that hitting someone with polyurethane can’t hurt them.

Imaginative: Troll Dolls

Troll dolls have cute ugly faces and sticky-up hair and have enjoyed periodic success since their invention in 1959 by Danish toymaker Thomas Dam. In the mid-Sixties and the early mid-Nineties, troll dolls and trollz (as they were respectively marketed) sold in their millions and they are about to be in fashion again. This time round, a major film featuring trolls has been released by the Dreamworks animation studio. Trolls look set for their third wave of popularity.

two Trolls dolls

These toys are very different and have very different playing styles associated with them. However, all children engage in creative, active and imaginative play so these toys will all have a wide appeal. Plastic toys are an ease of worry for parents who want to know that the toys are not poisonous and do not shatter or splinter when broken.

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