Plastic product design

We believe that good plastic product design evolves from ensuring that the design process is thorough from the outset. This involves good communication of design intent and functional objectives, along with good definition of the aesthetic requirements from discussions with the customer. Our product designers will then work hard to establish the design for your plastic product, its life cycle and how it will be used. Through using this approach to design we have often been able to recommend to customers more innovative and creative solutions which have saved them time and money. It is these innovative solutions that have secured Coda and its customers some prestigious awards. The virtual world in which we design our products gives us the ability to accurately carry out simulations of the physical world including static or dynamic mechanical and physical interactions, stress, strain, deformation, flow, thermal and simulations of the injection moulding of plastic parts. For more information and examples of our work please visit the plastic product design section of our website, or call our product design team on 01692 501020. Plastic product design
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