Plastic Food Packaging: Is it Safe?

Plastic is one of the most popular materials in the UK with 275,000 tonnes of it being used each year. Over the last 50 years the way we buy food has changed dramatically. In the past, some food items were usually sold 'loose' and taken home in a paper bag. Today however, due to advances in technology, most food items are now sold pre-packed. There is a concern that using plastic packaging isn't safe within the food industry but we want to banish this myth by providing you with the great benefits plastic packaging can bring to the food market. Benefits of plastic food packaging
  • Using plastic food packaging helps keep food fresh and safe, and protects against spoilage. Plastic packaging provides a hygienic and safe environment for food by protecting against contamination whilst keeping foods fresh throughout use
  • Thanks to plastic, a wide range of foods can be transported over long distances and stored safely without compromising the quality of the product
  • Plastics allow packaging to perform many tasks and provides properties including strength and stiffness, barrier to oxygen transmission and moisture, resistance to food component attack, and flexibility
  • Innovative rigid plastic packaging adds quality and a variety of new dimensions to food packaging. Rigid plastics can be shaped to the contour of the product and so providing improved visibility
  • Rigid and flexible plastic packaging makes shelf-life food possible, including several that rely on high barrier properties to restrict penetration by oxygen
  • Modified atmosphere packages such as packaging for fruits, vegetables and cooked meats have plastic properties. Using this type of packaging means fresh produce and other food products can be packaged in controlled atmospheres that maintain the carbon dioxide/oxygen ratio at its optimum level, ensuring an extended shelf life for these foods
Safety at Coda Plastics At Coda Plastics, we understand the importance of making sure plastic packaging is safe to use within the food industry so were delighted to be recognised with an A grade BRC Global Standard certification for packaging and packaging materials. The BRC Global Standards is a safety and quality certification program, recognised by thousands of customers worldwide as well as the Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarking committee. If you would like further information regarding any of our plastic manufacturing services, give us a call on 01692 501020 or drop us an email at BRC Packaging
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