Miracle Material: 5 Uses of Plastic in the Medical Industry

Plastic medication dispenser

Plastic can be moulded into any desired shape. No wonder this miracle material has been enthusiastically adopted by the medical industry where it has been transformative. From throwaway dental floss to fMRI machines that cost millions of pounds, plastic is everywhere in the medical world. Take a look at 5 medical uses of plastic that have been revolutionary.

  1. MRI Scanners: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines can take a picture of the inside of your brain. Your head is immersed in a strong magnetic field. So strong that if anything ferromagnetic – anything made of iron or steel – is in the room – it can be turned into a projectile. The machines themselves are formed from moulded plastic.
  2. Safety Cap Pill Bottles: The introduction safety caps for pill bottles is directly linked to a dramatic decline in accidental poisonings. The squeeze-and-turn type cap that you find on cough medicines and bleach is made possible by plastic.
  3. Dental Floss: People used to floss their teeth with cotton, but the introduction of nylon and plastic dental flosses made the process more hygienic.
  4. Artificial Limbs: Glass Reinforced Plastic provides the perfect blend of strength and flexibility that is required to be an effective artificial leg.
  5. Dentures: Modern dentures are often manufactured from acrylic or nylon (both types of plastic). These are much gentler on the gums than previous incarnations: early experiments with dentures made use of wood, metal and ivory.

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