Launch of Coda Plastics New Website

At Coda Plastics we are always looking to improve all aspects of our company whether it's a new packaging solution or a fresh approach to designing products. We recently launched our new website which has some fantastic new features, designed to help you navigate around the website more easily. We hope you like our new website as much as we do; and because we are so pleased with our new features, we thought we would share with you what has been adapted. New Features
  • Responsive build: Having a responsive website is very important for a business as it is very common for people to view your website via various devices other than a desktop computer. Our website is now compatible for all devices, appealing to a wider audience.
  • New blog: We have enhanced our blog in a few ways; firstly our blog home page now features images as well as a change in the layout, making it easier for people to read which in turn encourages them to read our weekly blog posts.
  • Case study page: This new section showcases some of our most innovative projects including:
    • Flower Tower
    • Bin Buddy
    • Café Pod
    • Hessclip
    From reading our case studies page, it will give people an idea of what kind of projects we do as well as giving prospective clients some inspiration.
  • Standard packaging page: Our new standard packaging catalogue section now has improved functionality for tablet users and is easier to navigate around.
We are really happy with the outcome of our new website and hope you find it easy to use. If you've had a look around our new and improved website and would like further information on what we can offer you, please feel free to contact us on 01692 501020. Coda Plastics Responsive Web Design Website
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