Introducing Karen Norris, our New Customer Services Supervisor

At Coda Plastics, it doesn't matter to us whether you are a large company with an established history in the industry or a small start-up: we aim to provide everyone who comes to us with the very best in customer service. That's why we are pleased to introduce our new Customer Services Supervisor, Karen Norris. Karen and her team will be working closely with all of our customers, right from the moment they call us through to regular ordering.

We always want to improve things at Coda Plastics, and we have recently been re-organising our Customer Services department to ensure the best possible service for our clients. In March, we hired Karen to help oversee this transition. With over 28 years' experience in customer services, including over seven years at M&H Plastics, we knew she'd be the perfect person for the job.

Customer Services

Karen says:

 "I have been at Coda now for two months and I am enjoying investigating ways to further improve the customer experience.  Coda's business is continually growing and their flexible attitude to all customers is a major selling point.  Excellent customer service will not only keep existing customers but will open opportunities with new ones."

We have always welcomed feedback from our customers. Karen and her team are currently designing feedback surveys to be sent to some of our customers. Based on their responses, we will be able to ensure that we are meeting everybody's needs and identify areas where we can improve our clients' experience.

We're very pleased to welcome Karen on board, and look forward to working together to make Coda Plastics even better.

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