Hessiclips: A Safety Success Story

We have plenty of success stories from our decades in the plastic manufacturing industry - just take a look at our Case Studies. Amongst our company highlights, the Hessiclip stands out because it has dramatically improved building site safety by solving a common problem.

What was the Problem?

Newly laid mortar can be badly affected by cold weather. So when bricklayers need to protect a newly built wall from the sudden onset of winter conditions, they drape an insulating layer of hessian over the wall. Traditionally, this sheet would be held down by a couple of old bricks. Local construction company owner Steve Tiller recognised that balancing a couple of old bricks on top of a hessian sheet was not best practice for site safety and could cause accidents. He came up with a unique invention, the Hessiclip, to address this problem.

What is the Hessiclip?

The Hessiclip is a plastic clip that will secure hessian to a wall that needs insulating from the weather. These low cost reusable clips help minimise the risk of falling masonry. We manufacture them here in the UK. Their bold 'safety yellow' colour assures employees and the public that proper safety measures are in place on a building site.  

Hessiclips holding a sheet to the side of building

What was our Role in Producing the Hessiclip?

Steve came to us when he was looking for a company that could develop and manufacture his idea. We were involved from the start, initially designing his product using our CAD software and providing him with a prototype model, which we tested and refined before eventually signing off a design ready for mould tooling. 

What's so Great about the Hessiclip?

Since production rolled out in 2014, bricklayers have been able to secure their hessian in a manner compliant with modern building site safety standards. What's more, the Hessiclip is manufactured from fully recyclable plastic. Safe and eco-friendly - we think that's a big success.

The Hessiclip is one of our big achievements. If you think you might have a design that could be our next one, please get in touch. You can email us at sales@coda-plastics.co.uk or call us on +44 1692 501020.

Want to find out more? There's plenty more information on the official Hessiclip website.

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