Flower Tower YouTube Clip Smashes 50,000 Views

We've had many success stories in our decades of plastic manufacturing, some of which are featured on the case studies page of our website. One of our case studies, the Flower Tower, is an innovative design that enables vertical gardening. It's a popular product and the YouTube clip showing how the product is assembled has just reached 50,000 views. If you haven't seen it already, check it out!

As you can see, the Flower Tower is easy to assemble and will add a bloom of colour to a whole new dimension of your garden. Reviews of the product have been very positive, focussing on the product's strength and versatility when compared to cheaper polythene rivals that hang on a wall and often break.

Memorably, UPI, the company behind the Flower Tower, came to us with a prototype fashioned from a plastic dinner plate and a piece of drainpipe. Within 16 weeks we had designed, tested and manufactured the first shipment of Flower Towers. We also designed the packaging and were able to reduce the volume of the packaged product by 25%, significantly reducing postage and packaging costs for an item that the company expected to sell well through mail order.

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