Fast, Effective, High Quality: Our Rapid Prototyping Service

When you are creating a new product, there is a phase in the process between completing your product design and going into full manufacture. During this time you will want to be pitching your product to the buyers who will eventually stock your product in their stores. The most effective way to do this is for your buyers to see a working prototype. At Coda Plastics, we offer a rapid prototyping service that can help you achieve this.

Our Rapid Prototyping Service

A plastic flower tower with flowers growing out of it

Our team are extremely experienced at prototyping. We will take your concept and turn it into a plastic prototype that will impress potential buyers. The makers of the successful Flower Tower came to us with a plastic camping plate glued to a piece of guttering with holes drilled in it. We quickly produced them a prototype that they could show to garden centres and mail order websites.

3D Printing Service

Sometimes a working model of your product is an easier sell, especially if your product is bulky or requires some assembly. Your valuable pitch time can be used more effectively by demonstrating your product's features on a 3D printed scale model. We can produce a 3D model of your design within 1-2 days.

Injection Moulding Prototype and Rapid Tooling Service

A plastic object created by injection moulding

Our injection moulding prototype service is the right choice when it you want to produce a model that closely resembles the finished product. We will use vacuum casting to produce a limited number of injection moulded parts that can be used in demonstrations to buyers. Similarly, rapid tooling creates a version of your product that can be used for final sign off or sales launches before you go into full production.

Rapid Injection Moulding

We can do a low volume run of your product on our injection moulding machinery. We will use a standard mould base and custom built inserts to produce injection moulded parts with a rapid lead-time. This will take 5-20 days depending on the complexity of the product.

At every stage - from initial concept, through CAD design and prototyping to final manufacture - our experienced product development team will be here to help you. For any extra information on our rapid prototyping service or to get the ball rolling on your innovative plastic product idea please call  +44 1692 501020. Alternatively, email our team at

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