Developing Ideas from Drawing Board to Manufacturing Plant

The staff in our plastics manufacturing facility have years of experience working with inventors and innovators from all sectors of industry. Sometimes we are working with agents representing large companies. On other occasions, an individual with a genius idea might approach us for help taking that idea off the drawing board and into the manufacturing plant. Our development team is ready to help anyone develop their ideas. We are used to dealing with corporate efficiency, individual eccentricity and every permutation in between.

Jeyes smart brush bottles

Smart Brush Pack

We worked closely with cleaning fluids manufacturer Jeyes to develop the ‘smart brush’ packaging that combines safe storage of chemical cleaners with a brush system for easy application. We designed, developed, prototyped and manufactured the entire pack and Jeyes had exclusive use of the design for the first year. The smart brush underwent extensive testing and we sought and received full Child Resistance Certification for the product.

hessiclip logo

The Hessiclip

The Hessiclip was the brainchild of local construction company owner Steve Tiller. He’d observed that bricklayers draped hessian over newly-constructed walls to insulate fresh mortar from winter conditions. These sheets of rough cloth were typically ‘secured’ by a couple of old bricks. He came up with the idea of low-cost reusable plastic clips. Once Steve had come to us with the idea, we could turn his sketches into a professional design using CAD software. We produced a prototype that he could field test. We made refinements based on his observations before doing a full manufacturing run.

Creating new designs and working with innovators in different fields is what motivates us at Coda Plastics Ltd. If your company wants something different and exciting moulded from plastic, get in touch with us on +44 1692 501020.

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