Coda Plastics Features in the Top 15 Tweeters from Packaging Innovations 2016

When we have a great new product like the Smart Brush pack we developed for two new Jeyes Fluid products, we want the world to know about it. We took the Smart Brush pack to one of the packaging industry's top expositions, Packaging Innovations 2016, where the innovative design attracted plenty of attention. We ran a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter alongside the product launch. Now the excitement of the exposition is over and the statistics have been calculated, we are proud to announce that we featured in the top 15 most active Twitter accounts of the whole show!

Packaging Innovations 2016

The ODM Group compiled all of the information from Twitter and investigated who the 25 most active accounts on Twitter were. Our Twitter account, @CodaPlastics, came in the top 15, tying in 8th place with @technical_nwork. At Coda Plastics, we are keen to improve our brand awareness, and events like Packaging Innovations 2016 are a great opportunity for this - and not just by meeting with other plastic and packaging experts.

Packaging Innovations 2016

In addition, the ODM Group created a wordcloud of the most tweeted words of Packaging Innovations 2016, based on 927 tweets from before and during the show. It was no surprise to see 'pack', 'packaging' and 'innovations' looming large, but 'ecopack' and 'packgeek' were also popular. In this type of wordcloud, the size of a word indicates the number of times it has been used, with larger words representing those that that have been most tweeted.

Packaging Innovations 2016

In the overview on their website, the ODM Group said:

"This type of event provides a good opportunity to increase your brand awareness through the use of social media."

We don't underestimate the value of social media. Twitter is a useful marketing tool enabling us to reach people who may not be able to attend events in person, but still want to hear all about what's new in the world of plastics and packaging. It also meant we could connect with the companies and people involved in the show before it happened, and encourage more people to come. In the connected digital world we live in, social media provide enormous networking opportunities that we hope to take full advantage of.

Web design company RWD run our social media accounts, and we couldn't be more pleased with the traffic they have generated through Twitter. During February, the month of Packaging Innovations 2016, our tweets reached over 15,500 people. We've also gained nearly 100 new followers since the start of the year, bringing our total to 1,247.

Packaging Innovations 2016

RWD's Copywriter and Blogger Daisy Jones, who was involved in running the campaign, says:

"Packaging Innovations 2016 built a vibrant Twitter community that Coda Plastics became a part of. We focused on building engagement by using the event hashtags #PACK2016 and #PACKGEEK, retweeting industry leaders attending the event and promoting Coda Plastics blogs. Building a strong social media following is a great way of communicating with your clients and other industry experts, as well as promoting your company. Moving forward, we'll continue to support Coda Plastics' social media presence as one of our Internet Marketing Package clients, so watch this space!"

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