Coda Plastics Diary: Med Tech Innovations Exposition 2016

We've just got back from Med Tech Innovations Exposition 2016, where we met with the leading lights from the world of medical technology and proudly showed the industry what we had to offer. If we didn't get to see you there, we hope you caught our updates on Twitter at @CodaPlastics - and if not, here's our diary of the show.

Day One

Following our successful experience unveiling a new product at Packaging Innovations 2016, the team were looking forward to this exposition. Medical Technology is a growing industry and manufacturing quality products from plastic will play a large part in that expansion. Med Tech Innovations 2016 was being held in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry - a bit of a drive from our base in Norfolk! We arrived and set up our allocated stand (number 29).

Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Day Two

An early start meant we were on hand to answer any questions about plastic packaging - and there were a lot of questions to answer! The engineers and designers from various laboratories were keen to learn how plastic could be utilised to meet some of the requirements specific to medical technology. Plastic is low cost, non-magnetic (important in rooms where magnetic resonance machinery may be operating) and can be used to keep implements sterile.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Day Three

It was great to catch up with some of our colleagues from the med-tech industry - some of whom we hadn't seen since the previous year! We also met dozens of new people with questions to ask and knowledge to share. There were talks and presentations throughout the exposition. Awards for business innovation were handed out and it was exciting to see so much creativity in one room.

We certainly enjoyed Med Tech Innovations 2016 - although we were exhausted by the end of the show! A big thank you goes out from Coda Plastics to everyone who put this huge exposition together and to all our fellow exhibitors. What a great couple of days!

If you have a great idea for packaging a med-tech product but didn't have the time to come over and see us, get in touch with us on +44 1692 501020.

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