Coda's stand at the 2018 Packaging Innovations Show at the Birmingham NEC
What Happened at the 2018 Packaging Innovations Show Posted 2 week(s) ago

Last week the Birmingham NEC played host to the UK’s biggest packaging and trade expo, wher...

Coda's new homepage design
Our New Website Has Launched! Posted 3 week(s) ago

This week, just in time for the Packaging Innovations Show, we launched our new website! Pack...

The package innovation show starts next week.
Next Week: Packaging Innovations Posted 4 week(s) ago

Next week we’re at the biggest show of the year: Packaging Innovations at the NEC in Birmin...

why plastic can be a sustainable choice infographic
How Much Do You Actually Know About Plastic's Environmental ... Posted 5 week(s) ago

Over the past few months there has been a lot of much needed discussion about the life cycle ...

Packaging Innovations at the NEC
Getting Ready for Packaging Innovations 2018 Posted 5 week(s) ago

One of the biggest events in the industry’s calendar is coming up and we’re getting ready...

Plastic is a great insulator, keeping electrical wires safe
How Plastic Innovations Have Changed the World Posted 7 week(s) ago

From contact lenses to aeroplanes, Tupperware to swimsuits, plastics innovations have improve...

Recycling plastic Packaging
The Industry View on the War on Plastics Posted 8 week(s) ago

Over the past fortnight, the headlines have been full of reports about the scourge of plastic...

Vinyl Records have changed a lot over the past century
A History of Vinyl: The Plastic of Pop Posted 10 week(s) ago

2017 was the twelfth consecutive year of consistent sales growth for vinyl records. Despite t...

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