30 years of excellent plastic manufacturing customer service

Coda Plastics have a proud history with over 30 years experience providing our customers with excellent plastic manufacturing customer service. Whether they have come to us looking for assistance with plastic product design, plastic packaging manufacturing, rapid prototyping, medical plastic packaging manufacturing or standard plastic packaging, we have always strived to use our wealth of experience and expertise to provide them with cost effective and innovative solutions to meet their needs. We are pleased to have carried out work for some leading global brands including Britvic, Revlon and PZ Cussons, working with them to produce injection moulded packaging, blow moulded packaging and plastic caps and closures. By combining our expertise and creative ideas with the latest design software and manufacturing techniques we have been fortunate enough to win several design awards for our work. As proven by recent research from Plimsoll, the sensible approach we take to business and the level of customer service we provide is not something adopted by all companies in the industry. Their research highlighted that some injection moulding companies in the UK are risking long term stability by chasing a short term boost to sales. Coda Plastics have always sought to provide our services in a sensible manner and will continue to do so into the future. There is more information on our website about the plastic manufacturing services we provide, or alternatively if you have a specific enquiry you can contact one of our team by calling +44 (0)1692 501020 or email sales@coda-plastics.co.uk. Plastic manufacturing
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