2016: An Exciting Year for the Plastics Industry

The plastics industry frequently leads the way in terms of innovation. The mouldable nature of plastic lends itself to prototyping solutions to problems as yet unimagined. 2016 will be an exciting year for Coda Plastics, but also for the plastics industry as a whole. There are three areas in particular where we expect to see lots of exciting developments in plastics worldwide.

Three Dimensional Printing

The last few years have seen a growth in understanding of the potentials of 3D printing. The technology has moved on from a nascent period of experimentation, and practitioners are starting to realise quite how powerful a tool 3D printing is. A broader understanding of how useful the technology is will bring about a larger user base, and we expect the market for this technology to continue to expand.

Plastics Industry 2016

Partnerships Within the Plastics Industry

There has always been plenty of healthy competition within the plastics industry, but it has also benefitted from a willingness to cooperate. At Coda Plastics, we know this only too well: in 2015 our partnership with injection moulding machine manufacturers Ryetools won them the award for Supplier Partnership (toolmaker) at the Plastics Industry Awards. We have longstanding relationships with a number of clients, and we look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects.

Responsible Recycling

One area that we are keen to promote is our commitment to sustainability. We pride ourselves on being a sustainable company and we work with our partners in the industry to recycle as much plastic as we can. We even take in plastic that might otherwise be wasted by other companies and reuse it in our manufacturing process. We will continue to do this in 2016 and look for further ways to expand our commitment to an important environmental issue.  

2016 could be the year that you see your own innovative idea realised in plastic. Call us on +44 1692 501020 or drop us an email to sales@coda-plastics.co.uk and one of our experts will be able to advise you on all the practical details of design and production.

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